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"The Best Gaming Chairs to Buy in 2022"

“Best Gaming Desk 2022”

“RS Recommends: The Best Gaming Chairs for More Immersive Gameplay”

Press Reviews

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Respawn Specter gaming chair review

"An elegant, comfy gaming chair that doesn't garishly advertise its function"

Respawn-900 Gaming Recliner Review

The Respawn-900 Gaming Recliner is a clever variation on the typical gaming chair. It takes the flexibility and support that a wheeled gaming chair provides, and gives it a much more living room-friendly stationary base, a footrest, and a cup holder.

The 9 Best Office Chairs, According to Lab Testing

If you're spending long periods of time sitting at a desk, an ergonomic office chair like the Respawn 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair is a must-have. The chair offers lumbar support and other features that make the chair a comfortable place to sit for the day.

The Best Gaming Chairs to Buy in 2022

If you’re thinking $200 is on the outer limits of the “budget” category, consider first just how many no-nonsense perks come with the Respawn 110: 155-degree reclining control, an extendable footrest, padded armrests, and a solid 275-pound weight capacity.

RS Recommends: The Best Gaming Chairs for More Immersive Gameplay

If you’re looking for a chair designed specifically for gamers, with almost no compromises, RESPAWN’s 900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner is your best bet.

RESPAWN Named Official Gaming Chair Partner of FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan, the lifestyle and media platform rooted in gaming and youth culture, today announced RESPAWN as the organization's official gaming chair partner. The new collaboration will outfit FaZe Clan's diverse roster of premiere content creators and esports pros with RESPAWN's premium gaming chairs.

FaZe Clan's essential FaZe1 Live Series gear

According to CBass, Respawn makes chairs that don’t just look like someone took them out of a race car. “They just make good chairs,” he says. “Those are chairs that I use and sit on every day in our office in Toronto. They’re just so comfortable and work as a gaming chair and traditional office chair as well.”

Respawn FLEXX Review: A Happy Union Of Gaming And Ergonomics

It's an ergonomic chair wearing gaming armor to provide all-day comfort while looking good.