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Our new line of ergonomic chairs are here.

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6 Available Colors

  • Designed in collaboration with ergonomic experts and gaming professionals to provide expertise in developing the FLEXX
  • 2x stronger and breathable performance mesh creates a conforming seat without reducing breathability
  • An adjustable recline resistance provides support whilst leaning back in the chair
  • Contains a locking capability allowing the user to keep a preferred reclining position intact
  • A seat depth slider allows for a more comfortable seat while promoting leg support
  • 300 lb Weight Capacity



6 Available Colors

  • The 135-degree recline combined with an infinite angle lock provides options to provide you ultimate comfort - sit up straight or lean back and relax.
  • An integrated headrest creates a sleek, seamless aesthetic
  • The tilt tension knob allows a rocking motion for easy movement in the RESPAWN 110
  • 275 lb weight capacity carries you through the trenches of gaming



2 Available Colors

  • First-of-its kind flip back arms allow you to sit uniquely during work or play
  • The unique segmented back has built-in weight-activated lumbar support that allows the chair to form to support your back.
  • Performance mesh back and seat allow for cooling comfort while seated
  • With a seat depth adjustment slide, this chair will accommodate your body’s needs.
  • A full-width, height-adjustable headrest pivots for the utmost comfort for the neck and head
  • 300 lb weight capacity carries you through the heavy lifting



2 Available Colors

  • 3D knitted breathable mesh back with honeycomb support forms to you, without wearing out over time
  • Seat cooling technology with a gel layer evenly distributes heat throughout the seat
  • First-of-its-kind flip-back arms create an unobtrusive experience with the ability to sit uniquely to your comfort
  • A weight-activated ergonomic seat and back tilt allows for comfort ultimate personal comfort
  • 115-degree recline gives you the option to sit up straight or lean back and relax
  • A 300 lb weight capacity carries you through the heavy lifting of gaming

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The mesh is a game changer. I use to have a 'traditional' gaming chair and the padding failed after a year or so. This mesh, on the back and seat, is firm but is super comfortable so based on reviews and my wife's mesh seat...I should be good to go for some time. The seat also slides depending on where you need it to be based on your height. I'm 6'1" and I only had to move it a bit.



When searching for a gaming chair, I typically look for 3 main factors as a content creator.
-Sturdy Back Support

This RESPAWN FLEXX is my second chair from RESPAWN and I think this one accomplishes all three things I need the most.



If you are like me who game and sit at my computer for long periods of time, but want the gaming chair aesthetic this is a great option.

What I like about this chair compared to lots of other gaming chairs out there is that instead of cushion and leather the seating area specifically is made of mesh. This means that regardless of how long I'm sitting or for whatever period of time the seat is not going to indent and wear down and instead keep the form of the chair.



The FLEXX is like the hybrid of the Specter and the 200 series chairs combined. It looks like a gaming chair but feels better on the back

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