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  • Full mesh contoured lumbar
  • Adjustable PU leather headrest
  • Synchro-tilt keeps the front edge of the seat closer to the floor for improved circulation to legs and better spinal alignment
  • 3D armrests with height, width and forward adjustability
  • Seat slide adjusts the seat's depth to help account for users of varying heights



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Play it cool with the Specter hybrid full mesh chair. You'll be more than sitting pretty, you'll be sitting comfortably with a three-part contoured full mesh for max air circulation along with a seat slide, 3D adjustable armrests, and built-in lumbar support. It adds up to hour after hour of gaming relaxation.

Cool and Comfortable PRO GAMING

Stay cool under the pressure
Stay cool under the pressure

This gaming chair has your back in more ways than one. Feel the air flow through a reinforced mesh backing that lets you play (or work) for hours on end. This gaming chair doubles as the perfect work-from-home mesh office chair

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Synchro-tilt control

Recline at Your Leisure
Recline at Your Leisure

Synchro-tilt keeps the front edge of the seat closer to the floor, opening the angle of the torso for improved circulation and better spinal alignment. Tilt tension controls the speed and ease of recline.

Tilt recline Degree
Swivel degree
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FULL MESH comfort

three-part contoured full mesh gaming chair

Three-part mesh conforms to your legs and full back to cradle you in weightless comfort, providing air circulation that prevents overheating. A polished look with the features that help you win, the Specter makes hours of gaming seem like seconds.


Height 46.5"-53"
Width 27.2"
Depth 25.8"
Int/Ext Arm Width: 19.1"-27.2"
Arm Height: 25.8"-29.8"
Seat Height: 19.3"-23.2"
Seat Size: 19.7" x 18.3"
Back Size: 20.5" x 26.4"
Wt. Capacity (LB) 275 lb
Product Wt.: 45.41 lb