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Respawn is for All Gamers.

A leader within the industry, RESPAWN fuses more than 75 years of ergonomic expertise with gaming culture to create best-in-class chairs.

We believe that comfort and performance should be inclusively-designed into every gaming chair we create, which is why we're immersed in the gaming community and build every RESPAWN product from real consumer feedback.

From industry-leading partnerships with content creators and esports organizations to engaging with the gaming community through events and social media, we're committed to welcoming all gamers to the RESPAWN community.

RESPAWN is trusted by the pros, supported by the community, and designed for ALL gamers.

Our Promise

Inclusively Designed

RESPAWN is for every gamer. Our products are for professionals and casual players, and everyone in between. We don’t just make good-looking gear; we bring experience and ergonomics to the world of gaming furniture. We pride ourselves on offering quality-made products to meet gamers at every stage of their gaming journey.


RESPAWN is invested in the gaming community and the future of gaming. We’ve built our brand with community at our core, building relationships with our community over social, through professional team partnerships, sponsorships and scholarships, and through content creators and streamers of all sizes. We tailor our product offering and major brand decisions with consumer feedback always top of mind.

Performance Expertise

RESPAWN is led by industry experts with decades of experience innovating and engineering ergonomic seating solutions. Our experience in developing seating allows us to provide the gaming community with the highest levels of comfort and quality which drive improved gaming performance.

Our Community

We remain true to our RESPAWN community by having boots on the ground through strong partnerships. We are proud to call some of the largest gaming and content creation teams in the world our partners. RESPAWN is dedicated to working with professional players, content creators, and streamers to offer the highest quality products for your setup.