About Us

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

In gaming, RESPAWN believes there is a place for everyone. Whether you are a late-night gamer, stream consumer, mobile game player, or somewhere in between, we are constantly working and creating for you.

A comfortable gaming set up shouldn’t be left to the few to enjoy. That’s why RESPAWN offers a collection of innovative and affordable top performing products to help create your dream set up.

RESPAWN fuses years of ergonomic expertise with gaming culture to allow everyone to sit at the pinnacle of gaming furniture. With RESPAWN, there is no compromise.

Our Promise

Our Promise

All Gamers Welcome.

RESPAWN is for every gamer. Professionals and casual players, and everyone in between.

Customer First. 

RESPAWN is led by a team of furniture industry gamers. Because we are gamers ourselves, we know what gamers need and continue to innovate to meet those needs.

Without Compromise. 

RESPAWN prides ourselves on offering quality while remaining affordable and accessible. 

Made to Last. 

RESPAWN is more than just the product’s sleek and stylish appearance. We bring experience and ergonomics to the world of gaming furniture, to make your setup work for you.