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We've got you covered below with the most frequently asked questions about our RESPAWN Gaming Furntiure. If you have a question, please fill out our Contact Us form and let us get your questions answered. We know you want to get back to the game.

Which models have adjustable armrests?

All gaming chairs, with the exception of RSP-110, feature either 2D or 4D adjustability.

Are the lumbar and/or headrest pillows removable?

Yes, if a chair comes with a lumbar and/or headrest pillow they are removable, allowing the user to modify to their liking.

Are the armrests removable?

Yes, in most cases the armrests do not have to be added or can be removed later. The only exception is the RSP-110.

What is the weight capacity for RESPAWN chairs?

All chairs within the RESPAWN line have a weight capacity of 275 lb with the exception of the RSP-400 with a weight capacity of 400 lb.

Do the wheels lock? Can you remove them?

The wheels do not lock but you can remove the wheels and add a set of stationary glides. The glides keep the chair stationary, preventing the chair from rolling around while gaming. Contact support@respawnproducts.com for more information.

Do any of the models have an attached footrest?

Yes, the model RESPAWN-110 has a built-in, retractable footrest.

Will RESPAWN consider sponsoring my team?

RESPAWN is not actively searching for teams to sponsor. If you are interested in having a RESPAWN sponsorship please email support@respawnproducts.com.

Does RESPAWN provide customized embroidery on their product?

Yes, depending on the size of the order, please reach out to sales@respawnproducts.com with your request.

Are gaming chairs worth it?

Yes! RESPAWN gaming chairs are a low-cost addition to your gaming arsenal with a big payoff in comfort. Any time you are spending significant chunks of time in a seated position it becomes increasingly important to pay attention to the quality of your chair.

Why? Because the seated position, even if your posture is perfect, places a strain on your back and neck muscles and only gets worse as you slouch. RESPAWN gaming chairs focus on the ergonomics important to gamers. The types of feature adjustments and materials used factor into the total comfort of the seat.

Are gaming chairs ergonomic?

Yes, RESPAWN gaming chairs are ergonomic. Some of the typical items thought of when you hear the term ergonomic is desks, chairs, monitors, keyboards, and your computer mouse. The relationship of these items to each other, for each user, helps eliminate strain and discomfort. RESPAWN was created by a furniture company with 20+ years of experience making ergonomically minded furniture.

Is RESPAWN compliant with the CAL 117 regulation?

Yes, all of the RESPAWN line are CAL117 regulation compliant.