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RESPAWN Reveals 3 New Chairs For Their Fall Lineup - CGMagOnline

Article Posted: 09/20/2022

RESPAWN is a company known for their prowess on gaming and computer chairs, and for the Fall 2022 season they’ve revealed the three chairs featured in the lineup.

Not to be confused with the entertainment company responsible for Titanfall and Apex Legends. This RESPAWN knows its way around what makes a computer chair great for a long session in the lab, the office, or even the front lines with buddies in a Warzone match, they have your back with chairs made with quality. This Fall is no different with their new lineup, the RESPAWN Specter, 110, and Spire, to keep fans as comfortable as possible.


Senior RESPAWN Brand Manager, Emily Fuller said “Whether you need a super power office and gaming chair or are looking to compete comfortably for longer hours while staying cool, RESPAWN has the right chair for your setup,” with “By fusing over 75 years of expertise in ergonomics eating design with a passion for all things gaming, we can design modern chairs like these that don’t just look great; they feel great, too. There’s truly a chair for everyone,” on the new Fall 2022 lineup.

RESPAWN 110 Chair

Respawn Reveals 3 New Chairs For Their Fall Lineup


This new version of a fan-favourite has been overhauled for the Fall season, with a racing-style backrest and ergonomic design meant to cradle the throne bearer comfortably. The armrests can be adjusted at the user’s whim, allowing the commander of the 110 to feel in control at all times. There is also a full reclining function that allows up-to 135 degrees, allowing for maximum comfort.


Fans can grab a 110 for $249 at Amazon.

RESPAWN Specter Chair

Respawn Reveals 3 New Chairs For Their Fall Lineup


Built for a corporate setting, or a gaming setting, the Specter will give users that adaptability without the necessity for two chairs. A weight-responsive lumbar back support, with mesh backing to provide a cooler experience, will assure comfort for long hours staring at statistics, straight into a dungeon run with fellow guardians in Destiny 2: Lightfall. The headrest is completely adjustable as well for consumer comfort, and the waterfall chair front cushion will support even the most fatigued of knees.


Become the first human Specter on their website for $499.

RESPAWN Spire Chair

Respawn Reveals 3 New Chairs For Their Fall Lineup


The Spire is the last Fall chair offering, and offers 3D knitted mesh with seat cooling technology, helping gamers stay cool in the most strenuous of matches. The arm rests feature a first-of-its-kind flip backward construction, allowing for gamers to sit however they please. Of course the headrest can be adjusted, but it could also be removed for those who don’t need it, allowing the chair to appear without armrests or a headrest.


Get inSpired for $649 in the ‘Ghost’ colourway, or $599 for the ‘Stealth’ colourway from RESPAWN.