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Style. This. Thing.


cadillac of gaming chairs
Not too many companies do that anymore. The chair itself is soft enough to be comfortable, yet firm enough to provide support where needed. The contours along the back are perfect and the butt is super supple to prevent fatigue. I am IN LOVE with the wheels on this chair. They are rubberized and proved excellent grip and control when scooting around without wanting to slide like plastic wheels. The assembly was super quick and concise with great instructions. The hardware is all coated with anti-corrosive oil and blue lock tight. Honestly, it's these small details that show just how dedicated this company is. I would highly recommend this chair! ×
Alex W
Great Product!
Christina Vaughn

...since it does seem like it could easily just break off, I was worried at first about the footrest since it does seem like it could easily just break off, but even using it as a means to move forward without putting feet on the ground is easy. Overall for the price and great looks I am very pleased. The one suggestion I would make would be to make an optional seat cushion addon for extra comfort. ×

...is absolutely pivotal to staying in the game! My height is 5'12 at 155 pounds this chair for my body build was perfect out of the gate. Besides the awesome mesh back the adjustable locking arm height has proven helpful as i can help to adjust my posture. Built in lower (adjustable) lumbar is key! Thanks to Respawn Products ive been able to up the value and aesthetics of our live content. If you do value your posture at work and in game....this is the model id recommend for similar body types 🤜🤛 ×

Easy to put together and clear instructions. The lumbar support and adjustable recliner makes for a comfortable gaming experience and the head rest is the perfect height for anyone around 6’ y’all. 10/10 would recommend to any friends and am even looking at possibly getting a second one for my other gaming area. ×